Future & Tendencies of B2B eCommerce

Future & Tendencies of B2B eCommerce

It’s time to say goodbye to the 2010s and act on the new decade. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Future & Tendencies of B2B eCommerce.

Digitalization Gains a Second Breath

Digitalization has been a key concept for years, and all indications are that we’ll see even stronger developments in 2022. Cloud services will be increasingly integrated into businesses to improve their efficiency and performance. According to forecasts, we can also expect systems integration, where all the important information from different messengers/emails is collected in one place. Workflow automation, electronic document management should become a must for B2B companies and startups that need rapid growth. And there’s no need to be afraid. Let the robots do everything they can, leaving the creative and analytical functions to humans.

Data-driven sales will become hotter than ever before

2022 will be the year when organizations that invest in well-designed data-driven sales strategies really get visible results. Working with a customer base certainly gives you a big competitive advantage, but you should also pay attention to making sure that all of your data and processes are put into the secrets of the system. And we’re not talking about excel spreadsheets. If you still don’t have a CRM, you run the risk of losing money on inefficient data processing, misaligned marketing and sales processes. Now those organizations that have had the foresight to lay this foundation for their processes will start to pay off.

We all know that information is money. Data about potential client companies is a tool for the salesperson. Analyze how well your company is doing at collecting databases of leads, processing them, and converting them into sales. But no matter how large or high quality the database is, it matters how that data is processed. The answer is in the next paragraph.

Personalization will become a necessity

The next decade is expected to see a new round of development of different ways of personalization in B2B sales and marketing. Experts predict that in the long term, a personalized experience is one of the most important prerequisites for productive collaboration with customers. 2022 promises to be the year of personalized marketing, which in turn will positively impact sales. Personalization models can be different: in mailings, in website promotion, in building relationships with the customer, in account-based marketing and person-based marketing strategies.