Fastest growing B2B eCommerce market segments

Fastest growing B2B eCommerce market segments

The acronym “b2b” refers to a commercial activity in which both parties are represented by a business. One of them acts as a supplier of goods or services and the other as a buyer. The peculiarity of the relationship between b2b market segments is to solve their common task: to make money at lower costs.  The business idea is to help the company’s activities, namely to solve its problems. In the b2b scheme, the consumer is a corporate entity whose problems are more global and require a special approach. In this article we will look at the Fastest growing B2B eCommerce market segments.

Distinguishing features of b2b

  • small number of customers;
  • high costs per purchase, which ensures a good profit;
  • most often, consumers are knowledgeable about the product (service) they are buying;
  • the consumer has a rational motive to buy;
  • the use of direct sales techniques;
  • the final price of goods for each specific customer is determined in the process of negotiation;
  • building a long, trusting relationship between the supplier and the customer.

Recruitment agency

Every company is interested in finding good specialists. With the development of the Russian labor market, the demand for recruitment services is growing. Today, almost all companies that are looking for employees are turning to staffing agencies. The task of personnel managers is to select a candidate according to the stated requirements.

Consulting firm

Consulting services are quite specific. Your task is to help the client to achieve the desired result in the process of their business activities. The help lies in professional consulting and practical assistance in the client’s work. This direction has been actively developing in recent years. And the reason is that everyone has begun to move to outsourcing.

Courier service

If you have your own transport, then you can engage in courier delivery. The idea is attractive because it requires a minimum of investment and guarantees a good income. Many companies need the services of a courier. Active Internet commerce, corporate mail and document management – all this makes the delivery service indispensable assistant in business. By the way, delivery services are one of the most popular areas that are outsourced. There are always plenty of clients – the main thing is to get these orders.

The Co-working Center

With the development of freelancing and remote work, professionals have a problem with working space. The solution came up – to open a coworking center. In essence, it is a large office where you can temporarily “settle in” and work. The earnings of the co-working center are based on payment for the time that the visitor stays here. But it is possible to make an additional profit by renting out free space for training courses, master classes, and so on.