Best practices for B2B eCommerce

Best practices for B2B eCommerce

The behavior of wholesale customers in an online store is much different from that of retail customers. Tools that work for some will go unnoticed by others. Here are 5 basic ways in a wholesale online store that will increase sales. These are Best Practices for B2B eCommerce.

Multiple Pricing Types

Even a cursory ABC analysis of the customer base in terms of contribution to the company’s revenue makes it clear that some customers bring in more, others less. Therefore, it is appropriate to offer more favorable terms to those who bring in more profits. So in the online store, you can implement several columns with prices, which will buy different categories of customers. They can be called: the recommended retail, small wholesale, large wholesale. Please note that in some cases it is appropriate to show all types of prices to all categories of registered buyers, stimulating them to increase the volume of purchases. 

Price range depending on quantity

Another way to increase sales per customer is the price range functionality. This logic is actively used on sites like Aliexpress or Alibaba.

Free shipping on a purchase of a certain amount

For the retail customer, the phrase “free shipping” works in a magical way. The buyer will not hesitate to choose from two online stores with the same offers the one where shipping will be free. But before you use this method for wholesale sales, we recommend assessing for what geography of delivery it will be cost-effective – within the city, the region or the whole country. In wholesale sales, for example, building materials, where customers are often contractors or crews who work in the local market, free delivery will be a very convenient option. Therefore, it makes sense to offer such delivery for purchases from a certain amount.

Minimum Order

The minimum order amount is a natural feature of any wholesale online store.  By setting such a limit, it is important not to scare away the first wholesale customers who come for the first time for a trial order. 

Selling in size ranges

Wholesalers of clothing and footwear often practice the method of realization by dimensional rows. This is due to the fact that manufacturers produce shoes in dimensional rows, so distributors also have to make purchases from manufacturers in dimensional rows. Obviously, in such circumstances, it is appropriate that the sale to wholesale customers is also carried out by a full size range.